The Move

The past week has been tough. South Carolina faced some of the worst flooding we’ve had since the OT. Honestly, my husband and I were so terribly fortunate when many others were not. We have two houses. Neither were flooded out.

The weather finally dried out some this past weekend which allowed us to make the move to Main Street. Our stuff has been here for over a week but we’d been sleeping in our old house. When we were finally able to travel up to Main Street we noticed some roof leaks. No real surprise there. Apparently even some brand new homes had roof leaks after our recent downpour.

I discovered something new. It’s called brown hairy mold. I never even knew that was a thing. It’s living rent free in the room that was going to be our master bedroom. We bought a dehumidifier that’s been making quite a big difference. Once that baby sucks some of the moisture out of the house we will work on removing the offending ceiling tile from the temporarily-former master bedroom. We are also getting an estimate to fix the roof. There are plenty of DIY jobs I have no fear of. Roofing is not one of them.

Our first night in Main Street was an adventure in sleep deprivation. Our youngest cat, Louie, expressed his extreme displeasure in various ways throughout the course of the evening. Our first born, Rocco, also a cat, was none too pleased about the transition. He mostly mowed his disdain then eventually harumphed himself between my husband and I on our bed where he stayed for the better part of our first night. The dogs, Jackson and Bruce, faired better. As long as they are by our side they can handle just about any situation.

Sunday brought more sunshine to the lowcountry and a brief outing to St. Michael’s Lutheran Church for a blessing of the animals. One of my hats is that of a soap maker and I was able to sell my wares while connecting with our new community. It was a beautiful day.


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