Living the Dream

So we’ve been living at Main Street full time for just over a month. There was no shortage of unfinished projects at our previous home that needed to be completed and every weekend and weekday night has been packed with activity. We’ve completed everything that needed to be done at our previous home and have started to focus our home improvement energy at Main Street. I think it likes the attention.

A not so fun discovery: clogged kitchen drain. I stopped at a local tool rental place and rented one of those fancy dancy motorized drain snake things (sorry about all that technical lingo) for about $20. Thank goodness my husband can just jump into most projects without much fear because there was no way I could have handled that tool. That was a horrifying but fruitful evening at Main Street.

Here are some lovely pictures of the event and the aftermath. It’s anyone’s guess as to what the heck it is that came out of the drain.




Yes, there was a fork down in the drain. I contemplated keeping it since it may have been original to the house. Just kidding. That’s freaking gross.


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