50 Shades of…Green?

I love a home improvement project that can be completed in a weekend. Unfortunately, most of our products don’t fall into that category. One project that’s been ongoing from the beginning is the kitchen.

Check out my previous post “S.O.S. Save Old Sinks”, for an early kitchen face lift. Since then we’ve been busy with lots of other projects, some in the kitchen.

Recently added to the “finished” list is the kitchen floor. The old sheet vinyl was ripped and quickly becoming a hazard. Removing it was a full day of work. Then we were left with press board subfloor.


I’d seen some pictures online where other DIYers had simply painted their subfloor. I was sold. As far as new flooring options go it was by far the least expensive. I though, what the heck? It’s just some paint and polyurethane. If it doesn’t work I still have perfectly good sub floor.

After removing the sheet vinyl we cleaned and primed the sub floor. Next we laid down our base color, a nice chartreuse. Yes, I like chartreuse. It’s amazing how many variations there are on the color green. It is so important to bring your paint swatches to the room you are painting before you chose the color. Some of the colors I loved in the store looked completely different when I got them home.

After two coats of chartreuse I laid out a grid pattern with painters tape to make one foot squares (approximately). Inside of each square I used a stencil and the paint I’d bought for the cabinets, walls and trim to add a pattern. I figured with the uneven texture of the floor and the amount of ware it gets that a pattern would help to hide scuffs and imperfections.


I think I did a million squats. Well, it felt like a million squats. Anyway, after the paint dried we put on 2 coats of water based polyurethane. It’s important to get the non yellowing polyurethane. And here’s the finished floor.


Ooooh, shiny.

We painted the walls a mellow sort of beige and the trim white. Since the cabinets are a pretty awesome shade of Oscar the Grouch I wanted to keep the walls and trim neutral. We are not quite finished with the cabinets, so I’ll post more on that later. Ok, so maybe there are only two shades of green.


Border Patrol

Just when you think you have it figured out life throws you a curve ball. Originally my husband and I were looking to move out to a more rural area. You know, little house, lots of land, maybe homestead, go off the grid. Then Main Street happened. We fell in love, and started dreaming a new dream.

One project that was high up on our To Do List was to fence off the yard for our dogs, Bruce and Jackson. As a nod to our previous plans we decided to go with farm style fencing. A local homesteader friend, Henry, did the installation for an amazing price. We couldn’t have completed the project on our own in the time he did, or without any fighting, or me whining, or my perfectionist brain making everything into a disaster. Thank you Henry. You did a beautiful job.


I’m just thankful to be able to let the dogs run border patrol in the morning while I get ready for the office. The dogs seem happy too.