Border Patrol

Just when you think you have it figured out life throws you a curve ball. Originally my husband and I were looking to move out to a more rural area. You know, little house, lots of land, maybe homestead, go off the grid. Then Main Street happened. We fell in love, and started dreaming a new dream.

One project that was high up on our To Do List was to fence off the yard for our dogs, Bruce and Jackson. As a nod to our previous plans we decided to go with farm style fencing. A local homesteader friend, Henry, did the installation for an amazing price. We couldn’t have completed the project on our own in the time he did, or without any fighting, or me whining, or my perfectionist brain making everything into a disaster. Thank you Henry. You did a beautiful job.


I’m just thankful to be able to let the dogs run border patrol in the morning while I get ready for the office. The dogs seem happy too.



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