Something Old Is Something New

We have an overnight guest coming tomorrow. So what does that mean? That means we spent the majority of our Saturday trying to make Main Street look like a living space instead of a construction zone.

I figured today would be fraught with nothing but scrubbing, vacuuming, and turning a storage space into a guest bedroom. We did manage to get a few cabinet doors hung in the kitchen, installed the Murphy bed, readied both guest bedrooms (overachiever?), and tackled a surprise project.

What’s the surprise? A freaking headboard. Yeah, we made a headboard.


We had this old rotting door in the garage from who knows what. It is only 60 inches tall so it wouldn’t be useful for anything but decoration. The door was attached to part of the jamb, had 2 hinges and a handle on each side. I kept the jamb intact and used the handles as brackets to turn it into a small shelf.



I kept most of the character  (aka: dirt, rust, chipping paint) intact. Just wiped with a dry cloth, gave it a once over with the vacuum and two coats of water based polyurethane. Stoked. We must have high fived at least four times during the process.

Sometimes, when you have been in some state of remodeling your house for well, the whole time you’ve lived there, you can lose sight of how important it is to just make it your home. We didn’t sister any joists or run new electrical today, but I feel just as accomplished.


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