Can You Dig It?

It’s been far too long since my last post.  That isn’t to say that there hasn’t been a lot of the usual activities going on.

Summers in SC are fairly brutal and our lovely Homeowners Insurance Company has  set a lofty goal for us to meet by September, less we face their wrath. Therefore we’ve been busting our humps on exterior projects.

The best part is that it means we have been working outside on 100 degree days.  Thank you insurance company.  Oh, and our AC has been dysfunctional for the past 5 weeks so it’s been as hot as 93 degrees inside our house.  Another big thanks to our Home Warranty Company.  Someone really needs to create a “sarcasm” font.

Thus, below you will see before and after pictures of some of the progress that we’ve made.  Note the window unit air conditioners speckled here and there.  They may not be pretty, but neither am I when I’ve been in a non air conditioned house in Summer.  So there.

This is what our home looked like the day we bought it.

This is what our home looked like the day we bought it.  The vegetation surrounding the home was completely overgrown and in pretty sad shape.  The pecan tree to the left of the screen was very unhealthy and had grown so close to the front of the home that it was damaging the front roof peak.  You can’t see the level of damage in this picture, but it had pulled off the aluminum fascia and part of the roof.

It’s a little rainy today, but you get the idea. My amazing husband replaced the aluminum fascia and patched the roof. 

The pecan tree was cut into big sections that have become natural planters along the front of our property. We salvaged some brick and used it to line the edge of a new flower beds that flanks the entry sidewalk. We widdled the vegetation with a homemade natural herbicide and a lot of manual labor. I wanted to make sure we weren’t harming the land, so we had to really work for it. 

Here is another good example of how overgrown the vegetation was. There are a set of old steps that were revealed after some extensive vegetation eradication. 

The steps lead into what is now our dining room. The old doorway was turned into a bookshelf. We didn’t even notice this until we saw the steps. Clever.

The original door frame was left in place. If you look on the left side of the frame  you can still see where the hinges used to be. This picture also illustrates our lack of flooring. But that’s another topic.


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