Tile Death Do Us Part

Our home on Main Street has certainly presented us with many opportunities to overcome our fears.  It has also provided gentle reminders when we procrastinate.  For instance: the ever expanding cracks in the walls of the pink bathroom.

Some days I fully ignore the cracks. Other days I notice them and somehow convince myself they haven’t grown…much.  Other days, I fear that my demise will be met when I step in for my daily ablution and the entire shower stall detaches from the house in gloriously horrific fashion.  I don’t want to be killed by vintage pink tile. I just don’t.

The Pink Bathroom after toilet installation

A recent vocalization of shared fear between my husband and I spawned the long overdue start for renovations to the white bathroom. Below is the white bathroom as it stood when we purchased Main Street.

The white bathroom on day 1.

Yes, our house has two bathrooms.  No, neither of them is truly in any condition to be considered functional.  We have every intention of renovating the pink bathroom, eventually, but before we can take on that monumental task we need to ensure that we have one functioning bathroom.  My husband, who is far more brave than I could ever hope to be, volunteered to go into the crawl space to assess the scope of damage under the pink bathroom.  Judging from the expressions of horror and disbelief emanating from under the house during his investigation, it became apparent that we need to begin working on the alternate bathroom posthaste.  Thus, we commenced with deconstruction in the white bathroom.

You may recall from an earlier post, we liberated the pedestal tub from its captor, a dastardly pony wall covered in plastic tile.  Deconstruction of this pony wall revealed black bullnose plastic tile around the perimeter of the tub surround.  My intention is to replicate the previous design but with real tile. We plan to use a black bullnose border around white subway tile as the tub surround, then black and white hex tile on the floor. It’s intimidating. But, compared to what we will face when renovating the pink bathroom, tile work in the white bathroom seems like it will be a walk in the park.

Prep work is underway as you can see. The toilet, sink and flooring have been removed.  You can see a rather large area of sub floor has an earlier patch around the toilet.  Judging by what I see when inspecting the toilet drain, as well as the existing damage to the wall behind the toilet, it must have been a colossal plumbing catastrophe. We plan to install a new toilet and vanity.  I have a side project going on for the vanity replacement, but that will be a separate entry.

White Bathroom, flooring, toilet, sink and accessories removed.

Once the shutoff valves for the tub inlets are installed we will remove and refinish the cast iron behemoth that is our tub, then move on to installing the new floor. Keep your fingers crossed for us. This room will set the tone for renovations throughout the home as we attempt to pay homage to the home’s history while bringing it up to date.


2 thoughts on “Tile Death Do Us Part

  1. I enjoy your updates about your house. The history behind your home is unbelievable.

    I also want to tell you that this blog is just as beautiful on a mobile device as it is on my computer- something I never cared about or considered until having my own blog.


    Liked by 1 person

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