A Little Curiosity Reveals a Big Secret

As is often the case with old homes, they hold many secrets. Main Street is not quick to reveal her secrets, and we don’t often pry them from her. She instead gives us a glimpse, like shimmer of burried treasure, then leaves us hunting for more.

Today, was no exception. 

We believe Main Street was built some time in the early 1930s. There was an addition put on later, perhaps the mid 1950s. The 1950s also brought vinyl floors and acoustic ceiling tiles throughout the house, and the pink tile in the second bathroom. As much as I love the pink tile, I’ve never been fond of the acoustic ceiling tiles.

Halloween is quickly approaching and we’d finally taken the opportunity to pull our decorations from the storage cubbies above the closets. While Gabriel was up on the ladder pulling out a tote, he noticed the ceiling in the cubby was ship lap, just like our walls. His beautifully curious mind questioned if there was a possibility there may be ship lap under the acoustic ceiling tiles. 

“No way”, I responded. I just don’t feel that lucky really. I tend toward pessimistic realism. He, being the dreamer, suggested we just remove one tile to see if it was possible. I relented and said to try the White Bathroom. You know, the one we’ve been trying to remodel for the past 2 years? Here is the ceiling as it stood. I’d chosen the wall color from a paint chip I found durring demolition of the bathroom.

The result, made us both giddy like school girls.

His face says it all. Ship lap. The entire ceiling. Also, you can see the similarity in color to the walls. This must have been where the color on the paint chip came from. 

We went on to test most of the remaining ceilings in the old section of the house and all revealed ship lap. .

So we high fived, danced a bit, then cleaned up the mess. 

I’m still skeptical that the ceilings are going to be salvageable, but if they are this will save us thousands of dollars and will be the kind of ceiling Main Street deserves. I gotta say, today was a good day.