S.O.S. Part Deux

There wasn’t much accomplished at Main Street today. After our big weekend and a long Monday at work for both of us, the only thing we accomplished was to install the new faucet in the kitchen.

Sexy, right?
Sexy, right?

The sink turned out pretty well. The finish looks good and it will have a few days to cure before we begin the abuse. Hopefully it will hold up. The product I used is by Homax and it’s called Tough as Tile: Tub, Sink and Tile One Part Epoxy. There is a spray version and a paint on version. I used the paint on variety. I’ll be sure to post something about the durability as time passes.


Big Weekend

This was a pretty big weekend at Main Street. Saturday my husband and I spent a few hours traveling around gathering supplies to get the house in order some. Not the least of which was a beautiful new toilet for the pink bathroom.

toilet in pink bathroom

We thought it matched well with the old sink and didn’t want to bring in a toilet that looked too modern. We found one that we liked at Home Depot. It’s made by Aquasource and was under $150.

toilet and sink in pink bathroom

Of course the sink needs a little love, but I adore the style. Although the sink can be resufaced, the faucet leaks and is pitted beyond repair. It’s been difficult to find a faucet to replace the original, but I might be honing in on one. Faucets are down right expensive!

Most of the action happened today, Sunday. Thanks to two of our supremely awesome friends, Sam and Branson, we were able to move most of our stuff into the house. They worked at a feverish pace and made it look easy. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Now it’s evening and I’m zonked. Ready for bed. It was a totally awesome weekend.

Not so clawfoot tub

Over the past 40 days one of the only things I’ve allowed myself to daydream about remodeling is the bathroom.  Main Street has two bathrooms; one is very retro, Pink tile and such; the other is mostly white and has a tub that’s been walled around. I have been absolutely convinced that the wall was covering a clawfoot tub. You can kind of see it on the left. I wish I had a better picture.

white bathroom

Today I discovered that’s not the case. I meant to peek, but we ended up completely removing the wall around the tub.


Interestingly enough, I rather like our surprise. I’ve never seen a tub like that. As a bonus we discovered hardwood floors under all that mess. There will surely be more on that later.

S.O.S. – Save Old Sinks

So the original cast iron sink was in pretty rough shape but the faucet was even worse.  After 30 minutes of what can only be called Plumbing Pilates my husband and I managed to remove the old faucet.  I had a moment of victory as I held the faucet with it’s tubes hanging down, a la the movie Predator.


A dry fit of the new faucet was in order.  Sort of like adding something to a list just so you can check it off.  Yes, it will be pretty.


I’m using a refinishing product to coat the sink and bring it back to its former glory.  I can’t recall the name of the product but I’ll be sure to mention it later.  So far the results are good.  Lots of elbow grease, but it will be worth saving the original cast iron sink.  Here is a shot that demonstrates the improvement the refinishing product made.  On the left side the sink is actually white!  13560